Precious Metal

Sterling Silver i.e 925,  is an alloy and is made from 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper (although some other metals may be used instead of copper). Pure silver is too soft and malleable to be used in jewellery.  By insisting on 925 Sterling Silver,  will ensure that the items you buy are of high quality and both scratch resistant and durable.  Pieces are stamped 925,  but sometimes S.S. or sterling silver.


Rolled Gold is made by applying a layer of gold alloy to a layer of base metal.  This "sandwich" is then drawn to the thickness needed for the piece of jewellery being produced.


Gold Filled is made the same way as Rolled Gold,  but the layer of gold used to make Gold Filled ,  as used in Snap-Titetm settings, is thicker than the one used in Rolled Gold,  making it more durable.  Look out for the letters G.F. after the karat number on the jewellery pieces.  Snap-Titetm settings are 14kt Gold and 1/20 by weight.

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